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Positive human to human interaction helps create the fabric of humanity and we want to help humanity to THINK, FEEL, and UNITEWould you like to contribute your individual positive energy for the greater good?

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Our products are dedicated to crowd funding the Hightech Humanity (H2) mission. Proceeds from your purchase are contributed towards the European Union (E.U.) Hightech Humanity (H2) campaign which is managed by 303 Overwatcha non-profit, focused on inspiring and empowering the next generation with a THINK, FEEL, and UNITE perspective of the world. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Delivering technology related mentoring programs
    • Distributing resources for cross cultural community projects
    • Workshops on building community improvement focused technology startups

If you want to use technology to improve the human condition and you need resources to launch, expand, or maintain your project then contact 303 Overwatch today to get support. You can also request more information about mentoring or becoming a volunteer from 303 Overwatch by contacting them directly at mentor@303overwatch.org or through Social Media. 

303 Overwatch is supported by Microsoft, Google, Meta, and PayPal. They provide the free services below and may be able to bring sponsorship to your projects as well.

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FREE mentoring for entering the Cyber Security Profession

FREE mentoring for NFT Projects that support Positive Social Change 

FREE mentoring for NFT Projects that support Positive Cultural Unity
  • CV review
  • Cyber Security Interview 
  • Using Social Media to build your Cyber Security career brand
    • NFT Projects for Positive Social Change chat
    • NFT Project review 
      • NFT Projects for Positive Cultural Unity chat
      • NFT Project review


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